Friday, January 25, 2008

Now, That's Ironic

This morning I loaded up my truck with all of the aluminum from the camper I tore apart and headed off to a place that buys scrap metal. The place is located in a very shady part of town so I was fairly nervous about going there. As expected, the clientele were far from classy. There were no signs telling me what the procedure was so I was circling the building clearly looking confused. A homeless man appeared out of nowhere and told me what to do. He also asked me if I would kindly bring in his bag of cans with me because they only allow people with vehicles to drop items off. Fearing that I might set off some type of psychotic episode if I said no, I agreed to take his cans. After weighing my aluminum and the cans, they gave me a ticket which I took to a window and was given $54.20. A dollar, twenty of that was the cans. So I got back exactly $3 more than what I originally paid for the trailer. My excitement about the money was short-lived because then I realized that I still had to face the homeless man waiting outside. I showed him my receipt and gave him $2 which I thought he would be happy with but instead he started ranting about how he should have gotten more money and claiming that my aluminum actually belonged to him. I just smiled and laughed and quickly got in my truck and sped away.

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