Sunday, January 27, 2008

Floor Wood

I got the wood for the floor. I thought that getting it home would be difficult because the pieces are so big. But that part was actually easy. The hard part was dealing with the idiots working at Home Depot and Lowes. I went in Home Depot first and asked for CDX 1/2 plywood. The guy in the lumber department was so over the top rude that I just left the store. Then I went to Lowes. The guy in there wasn't rude but he couldn't give me what I wanted either. He had no idea what I was talking about and said that they don't use the term CDX for their plywood. I ended up with something 1/2 inch but I don't know what kind of plywood it is.

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  1. The term "CDX" is used to signify the quality of the surface planes on the wood. There is "A/B" plywood that is really fine and smooth, and would be used to make furniture out of. The term means that one side is of “A” quality or best and the other is “B” or second best. There is also "C/D" plywood that is more rough with one side being rougher than the other and would be used somewhere where the look of it doesn’t matter much, maybe in a location where it inside something and never seen, or sanded and painted. I’ll bet if you look at the ply you have one side that looks a little nicer than the other. A/B is also more expensive than the C/D, but for the flooring that will most likely be covered by something else it shouldn’t matter. I stumbled upon your blog while researching for my own trailer project. I never knew that there is as much of a subculture for the home built trailers as there is. I found a few message board sites and yesterday bought the Squidget plans for my own first time build. I also plan on buying a dilapidated popup and using the frame, but that is going to have to wait a few months till work calms down a bit. I’ll be paying close attention to your blog to see how you come along though, and maybe get some heads up on problems for my own Squidget. Good Luck!