Friday, January 4, 2008

Mind Numbing Stupidity

Yesterday, I decided that I had better get my camper registered before I go any further with the construction. When I picked up the camper, I was told that the title had been lost but that registering it without a title wouldn't be a problem. I was suspicious of this information but I thought that it was possible that campers could be different than cars when it comes to tags and registration...........wrong. As it turns out, any vehicle weighing 2000 lbs or more is required to have a title in order to register it. So I called the woman I bought it from and told her about the problem. She said her husband purchased the camper from a used car lot and was only given a receipt and not a title. Who on earth would shell out $350 for a vehicle on a car lot and not get a TITLE?! Then I called the used car lot. The guy pretended to have no knowledge of this camper and insisted that he never would have sold something without a title. Then he oddly offered to do whatever he could to help me get it registered. I found it very strange that he would go out of his way to help with something that supposedly had nothing to do with him. It's clear to me that he realized that I was a little smarter than the idiot he sold the camper to in the first place and he wanted to make sure that he made me go away. What was he thinking when he sold the camper without a title? Did he really think that wasn't going to come back and bite him? Anyway, he told me that he would get it registered in my name as a utility trailer under 2000 lbs. That way, I do not need a title. So now, my project is pretty much on hold until this gets cleared up........AUGH!

Oh, and one other thing, as I was looking for the VIN on the camper, I discovered that this thing is not a 1989. It is a 1979! Not that it matters for my purposes but it's hard to believe that the woman I bought it from couldn't even tell me what year it was.

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