Sunday, October 26, 2008


After almost ten months of hard work, my sister and I finally got to enjoy our first camping trip. We were worried about how stressful it would be with 4 dogs in such a small space so we went to a campground close to my house (Lake Griffin) and only stayed 1 night. The ride to the campground was uneventful but as we started to get close to our destination, the tension started to rise. We had plenty of fear about becoming some kind of circus freak show at the campground with our crazy homemade trailer trying unsuccessfully to get it into our site. We intended to do some practice driving before this trip but of course that didn't happen so we had know idea how long or if we could manage to get the trailer into the campsite. Much to our surprise and delight, my sister was able to back the trailer in within 5 minutes with no problems at all. Once we got the trailer set up, we took all of the dogs for a walk. While we were walking, we ran into a couple that asked us if we were the owners of the pink trailer, no doubt that our attire was a dead giveaway. They said they had already taken a picture of the trailer and wanted to know if they could get a picture of us. After our walk, we went back to the trailer for a late dinner. I knew that we would forget something important on this trip and sure enough we left the house without any silverware. We had to eat our ravioli with our fingers. After a messy dinner, we settled in and watched a movie on our very cool pink dvd player. I knew that the temperature was going to get down into the 60s. However, I did not think that it would be necessary to bring a heater.........that was a mistake. By 3 am, it was freezing inside the trailer. We managed to make it through the cold night and in the moring, we took the dogs for another walk. As we were backing up to leave, the couple from the night before stopped by our campsite to see the inside of the trailer. I am shocked at how smoothly our first trip went. Taking care of all the dogs was not stressful at all. They were all so good. Everything in the trailer worked exactly as it was designed to do. We had a great time and we can't wait unit our next trip.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


After 3 weeks of nonstop sanding, I finally got it painted. I will be doing to more body work where the roof meets the front and back walls but that will be after next weekend. Because next weekend we will be going on our first trip. This will be a test trip close to home. That way we can work out all the kinks before our big trip to St. Augustine next month.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I thought I was ready to start painting but that was just wishful thinking. Once I painted a small amount, I realized that the finish is just not smooth enough. So I will spend yet another week sanding and hopefully it will be ready to paint by the weekend.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Road Ready

Last weekend, while I spent hours and hours sanding and getting the outside ready to paint, my sister worked on getting the trailer street legal. She did a great job getting the tail lights, side markers and license plate light attached to the trailer but unfortunately only 1 out of 5 lights actually came on. After doing some research, she was able to get them to all come on this morning.