Saturday, December 25, 2010

3rd Annual UNchristmas

We liked Tomoka so much last year that we decided to go again this year. We got to the park on Xmas eve just before dark and got set up. On our way into the park, we saw a sign that said there would be live music in the park. As it turned out, the live music was some of the past entertainment we have ever seen. There is a store inside the park that is owned by a husband and wife. They both play music and sing so they have build a tiny little stage in the corner of the store. At night the store transforms into a free miniature theater with candlelit tables. The show was so good that we went back the next night and watched the whole thing again.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Anastasia III

For the 3rd year in a row, my sister and I attended the Anastasia tear drop gathering. We got to the park Friday afternoon and shortly after we finished setting up our friend Steve from the trailer forum came to visit us. He wasn't staying in the park but he came over to see us as he lives in St. Augustine. The next morning we set out to find the Bealls Outlet store we had seen on our way into the park. We didn't intent to spend the entire day shopping but some how that's what happened. By the time we got back to the park, it was time to go to the pot luck dinner. Sunday morning we spent a few hours in the historic district of St. Augustine and then heading home.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jekyll Island

Since my sister hasn't had much luck on her own figuring out how to properly operate her kite buggy, we decided to attend a kite buggy expo on Jekyll Island. Andy and his girlfriend also met us there. Although this time there was no tent camping for Andy...they stayed in a hotel. We spent 3 days on the beach flying kites and riding buggies. By the 4th day we were too tired to do anything other than sit on the beach and watch. We had a great time and we will be attending the expo again next year.