Saturday, July 11, 2009

Silver River

My sister just bought a kayak but I don't have one. My dad and his wife each own one and they also own an extra one. So we invited them to meet us at Silver River State Park in Ocala. We left for the park Friday after work. We got to the park just before dark and set up. The park was beautiful...almost as nice as Anastasia. The sites were crushed gravel, well spaced and private and the bathroom looked brand new. We were too tired to take the dogs for a walk so we let them all out of their crates at the same time to decompress in the trailer. Due to the limited amount of space, we usually only let them out one at a time but they were very well behaved and it seemed to do the trick in calming them down so we could go to sleep. In the morning, we took them for a long walk then put them in the trailer and headed off to the river. For whatever reason, no one in this area seemed to have any information about the river. No one had a map of the river and no one could tell us a good place to get on and off of the river. We ended up taking a 16 mile, 7 hour long trip...not what we had in mind. The river was very pretty and we got to catch a glimpse of the monkeys that live along the riverbank. We got back to our campsite, ate dinner and went to bed. In the morning, we took the dogs for a short walk then packed up and headed home.