Friday, April 1, 2011

Little Talbot Island

We enjoyed listening to the live music on our Xmas trip so much that I decided to look for music festivals that we could go to. I found a free blues festival in Jacksonville so I made reservations at the closest state park I could find. The park is on it's own island preserve with a beautiful beach. After setting up our site & taking the dogs for a quick walk, we headed over to the blues fest. My sister's friend Danny lives in the area so we invited him to meet us there. We stayed there for a few hours then decided to go meet Danny's friend Josh at a promotion he was doing. It was at a country bar & Kimberly & I quickly decided this was not the place for us. We asked Josh to take us some place where we could dance. He took us to some tiny dive bar where a cover band was playing. We hated it at first but then they started playing songs that we recognized and we all got up & danced & acted like fools & ended up having a great time. We left the bar & all went back to Josh's house & ended up staying the night there. In the morning we went back & took the dogs to explore the island. We went into town to get coffee & this time we took the ferry just for the experience. Danny came by to check out our site then we went back to Josh's house to play cards. It was late once the card game was over so we stayed the night there again. In the morning we went back, packed up & headed home.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Women in Tears

My friend Becca from the trailer forum put this gathering together. It was at Silver Springs park in Ocala. She used to have a teardrop but now she has a vintage Scotty so this gathering was a combination of people with Scotties and homebuilt trailers. Friday night we had a little meet and greet. We got to see some old friends, Steve & Kim, Lynn & Paul, and meet some new people from the Scotty group. Saturday morning a group of us went around touring all the trailers. It was great finally seeing vintage trailers in person as I had only seen them in pictures. Saturday night we had a pot luck dinner and then headed home Sunday morning.