Sunday, November 8, 2009

Anastasia (2)

This was our 2nd year attending the trailer gathering at Anastasia. Last year we were very new to camping and a little rattled and nervous but this year we had a blast. We headed out Fri. afternoon and got to the park just before dark. Hector and Mike set up the tent while my sister and I set up the trailer and the EZ up. After we ate dinner, we played cards for a while and then went to bed. In the morning, my sister and I took all 5 dogs for a very long walk while Mike and Hector slept in (just like we planned). When we got back, the dogs were exhausted and the guys were ready to get up for breakfast. Then we headed over to the farmer's market that is right beside the campground. By the afternoon, the wind had picked up enough to go fly my sister's power kite on the beach. It couldn't have been more perfect. The wind was whipping and the beach was pretty much empty. We stayed out there for several hours taking turns flying the kite. We were so excited about flying the kite that we didn't bring any food or water with us to the beach so we had to leave and get back to our campsite. We ate and played cards for a little while. Then it was time to go to the pot luck dinner for the trailer forum people. We saw a lot of people that we knew and also met some people that were new to the forum. After we finished with dinner, we went to the outdoor theater next to the campground and watched a free movie. It was pretty late when the movie was over so we called it a night. In the morning, my sister and I walked all the dogs again. Then we had breakfast then packed up and headed home.