Friday, June 19, 2009

Ichetucknee Springs

Summer time in Florida is pretty miserable so we were going to wait for cooler weather before taking any more trips. But my sister had a great idea to go tubing down the Ichetuchnee River. We have been there before so we knew you need to go when it's really hot because the water is ice cold. Mike and Johnson joined us again. This was our first time staying in a private campground. The grounds were very nice and well kept. However, the bathroom facilities were totally inadequate for the amount of people staying there. We got to the campground around 9 on Thursday night and got up the next morning and headed for the river. There was a place to rent the tubes right inside the campground. We took the longest tube trip they had which was about 4 hours. We got back to the campground around 3 and made some ice cream. When we got up the next morning, it was extremly hot and sticky with lots of bugs buzzing around. So we quickly ate breakfast and packed up and headed home. My sister had gotten a waterproof film camera for the trip. We took lots of picture while we were on the river. Unfortunately, when she tried to get the film developed, the idiot at the drug store opened the camera and exposed the entire roll of film.