Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Powder Puff's First Trip

Granted, it was only 50 feet down the driveway. But it was SPECTACULAR! This is the first time it has ever been out of the garage. So up until today, I didn't know for sure if it would clear the garage door way. I have a very sloped driveway so anything could have happened. I was really afraid to even attempt this as my sister and I have no experience towing anything. I had visions of ripping of the roof or sending the trailer careening into the house across the street. But I wanted to get some full shot pictures of it before I start painting it. This was also the only way to get a shot of the roof. To my surprise and delight, we were able to get it in and out of the garage without any problems.


Yep.......that's right.........I found a pink one!

Friday, July 4, 2008


I got this idea about 5 months ago and now I finally got to implement it. I used some beige floor tiles I had laying around. I primered them and then painted them. Some of them are also sprinkled with pink glitter.