Monday, November 10, 2008


We arrived in St. Augustine on Saturday around 4. Elissa and Jessie got there a few minutes before us and were already setting up their tent. It became clear pretty quickly that my sister was not going to be able to back the trailer into the site. There was no room to pull forward and more importantly she was blocking traffic. The woman in the site next to us recognized my trailer from the internet and offered to have her teen aged son back it in for us. He parked it right where we want it with no problems. Then I gave them a tour of my trailer and took a tour of their cargo trailer that they are converting into a camping trailer. This was a teardrop gathering that was organized by the people on the trailer forum. So after we got settled in, we walked around the campground to look at the other trailers. Unfortunately, there weren't very many to see. When we got back to our site, a business associate of mine who lives close by came to see the trailer. Several other people from the trailer forum also stopped by. After we ate dinner, we all piled in the trailer (including all 6 dogs) and played cards and Taboo. The next morning, we needed to make a trash run so we took all of the dogs on a long walk to the only dumpster in the park. Then we drove a few miles from the park to a historic section of the city and walked around the shops. We left Stevie in the trailer since he is likely to get stepped on when walking in crowds. When we got back to the campsite, Stevie was sound asleep in the trailer. We ate lunch and played another game of cards and then it was time for Ellisa and Jessie to leave. After they left, my sister and I took turns taking showers which was a pleasant experience as the bathrooms were nice and clean. The rest of the evening was spent eating dinner and watching a movie. The next morning we were up bright and early and ready to take the dogs for another long walk. This time we walked past the dumpster and on to a little nature trail. We also walked around several of the other loops looking at the other campsites. We definitely ended up with one of the nicest sites in the park. Once we got back to our site, we had lunch and then packed everything up and headed home. On the way home, we stopped in Sanford to show Deanna the trailer. We also stopped at Kimberly's job to show it to her co-workers. We had a little trouble with the dogs this time but all and all it was another great trip.