Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Have Obtained A Tag!

Well, the dealer came through but as it turns out, he's actually not a used car dealer (oh, more misinformation).
The name of his establishment is Bellview Auto Salvage. So I figured it might be interesting to pick up the tag in person especially since he mentioned having a large selection of dead RVs. I was mainly hoping to score some windows as I have priced them new at $100 each.
After a survey of the "merchandise" we located some spectacular finds, 2 side windows and a possible window for the door. Of course once you have found an item you want, it's strictly self serve so we came prepared with the necessary equipment.
Today's grand total was a whopping $18 and here's what we left with:

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  1. What awesome finds! Glad you were able to get your tag. What a pain.