Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Wasn't Taking a Break

I've had several people ask me why I stopped working on my trailer because I haven't posted anything lately. I didn't stop working on it. I just didn't have anything very exciting to post. But now I do. I just finished my little dinette table and it is so cute! It's made out of left over fiberboard from the counter top. I used the folding leg and brackets from the table in the old camper. I glued thin wooden rails to the cabinet fronts so the table can be lowered down to make one big bed out of the two separate beds on either side of the trailer.

And now for something much less exciting. The other thing I have been working on is getting my air conditioner installed. When it is pushed out like it is supposed to be, it sticks out past the bumper. This could potentially cause a bad situation if I were to get rear ended while towing. In order to avoid that, the AC cannot be permanently mounted so that it can come in and out of the trailer. Not mounting it with the brackets that it comes with causes a problem of making sure it doesn't fall out of the back of the trailer. I attached a little wooden shelf to the bumper to solve the problem but I am not happy with it and I am currently researching a better way to install it. I have seen pictures of people attaching drawer slides directly to the AC. I haven't found any step by step instructions but I going to try it based on what I see in the pictures. I also ended up returning the first AC I bought because it was broken. I bought a different brand to replace it because the Goldstar had these metal clips on the bottom that were causing problems due to the fact that I am using the AC in a totally different way from which it is intended to be used.

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