Monday, May 25, 2009

Highlands Hammock...........SUCKS!

OMG, this place was so stank! Up until now, all of the state parks we have stayed in have been so nice. But not this place. The campsites in this park are terrible. The sites are all jumbled up and crammed together...going every which way. You can't tell where one site ends and the next one beings. There is no vegetation in between any of the sites. So no privacy at all. The bathroom was old and run down and the showers were a joke. But somehow we still managed to have a pretty good time.
Mike and his dog Johnson joined us for this trip. We left on Saturday and got to Sebring early afternoon. Luckily, Mike was the one driving so getting into that disaster of a campsite was not a problem. After assessing our surrounding (screaming kids everywhere, large Spanish church group next to us singing and holding services) we decided that maybe some alcoholic beverages might be in order. This is something that I have not done in at least 10 years but the situation seemed to call for it. The alcohol made our card game very entertaining and made us forget about how awful the park was. In the morning, we took our typical long walk with the dogs. We wanted to take the tram tour through the park but because it was a holiday weekend, the tram was sold out. So we took a little afternoon nap and then spent the rest of the evening playing cards. In the morning, we took another short walk, had lunch, then packed up and headed home.

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