Sunday, February 15, 2009

Manatee Springs

We arrived at Manatee Springs on Friday around 2:30. We set up the trailer and headed out for our usual dog walk around the campground. When we got back, there were a few people from the trailer forum waiting to get the tour of the Powder Puff. After showing them the trailer, we went over to their campsites to see their trailers. I specifically attended this gathering so that I could see the debut of Steve's Gypsy Caravan. I was not disappointed. His trailer is beautiful, inside and out. After we saw his trailer, we went back to our site and walked the dogs again. Once it got dark, we headed back over to Steve's site and sat around the fire talking until it was time to go to bed. When I stepped out of the trailer in the morning, I saw 3 deer in our campsite just a few feet away from me. I called to my sister to get the camera. She cracked the door open and started taking pictures. We were so mesmerized by the deer that we were not paying attention to Xena who was loose inside the trailer. She peeked her head out and caught site of the deer and shot out of the trailer like a rocket. She was at least a football field away in a matter of seconds. Luckily, she had on her very bright pink harness that I was able to see through the woods and follow behind her. Once she lost site of the deer, she came running right back to me. After she was safe in her crate back in the trailer, we took Jasmine and Cupid with us to get some fresh, hot donuts that a lady from the forum was making. We put Cupid back in the trailer and headed out for a 5 mile hike with Jasmine, Xena and Stevie. Stevie made it 4 miles and then stopped in the middle of the trail and sat down and refused to get up. I had to carry him the last mile. It was mid afternoon when we got back from our hike. After we took turns taking showers, it started pouring rain. It rained for about 2 hours and stopped just in time for us to make it to the pot luck dinner. When dinner was over, we went back over to Steve's campsite where we enjoyed some live music courtesy of some talented people from the forum. Sunday morning, we took a short walk with all of the dogs and then headed home. This was our best trip yet. It was so much fun. We met some great people and we are hoping to camp with them again.

First Damage Report
It seems that the trailer didn't do so well with the rain this time. Along the bottom edge of both sides of the trailer there is evidence of water damage. I read many times that water is most likely to get penetrate the wood in the end grain. I felt like I did a good job sealing it but apparently not good enough. I'm not sure what else to do other than sand it down and seal it again.

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