Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Got A Frame

Since my trip to see the Squidget, I have been searching for a frame to build my trailer on. I've been making a daily on-line visit to ebay, craig's list and Ocala4Sale. I found a 1989 Starcraft for sale on Ocala4Sale. The price listed was $100 but while I was on the phone with the owner, she came down on the price to $50 because she really wanted it out of her yard. So my sister and I went to Belleview (40 miles from home) to pick it up. Getting the camper was quite an ordeal. It was sitting in the owner's back yard with a wet dirty tarp partially covering it. The tires were flat and the roof was completely detached from the body and turned upside down and collecting massive amounts of water. The woman had no idea how I should go about getting it out of her yard but she said that her husband would be home soon and he would help. Unfortunately, he was of no more help than she was. He suggested that I make the hour long drive without securing the roof at all. His theory was that "Well, it's really heavy, I think it might be alright." The woman seemed to realize that if she didn't do something about the situation that she was going to be stuck with this thing still in her yard. She got on the phone and started calling neighbors to get some rope. Finally, a neighbor with some common sense showed up with a very thick rope (that the kids had be using as a swing) and secured the roof to the body. He also pumped up the tires and attached it to the hitch on my sister's vehicle. Although terrifying, the trip home was uneventful. Once we got home however, my sister was unable to back the camper into the driveway as she has never had any experience towing anything. I had to ask my neighbor to come over and back it into the gargage. By then it was getting pretty late. We were able to slide the beds out and get a look inside before we called it a night.

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